Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fall's Frolic

This is a doll I made for the Upper Midwest Bead Society challenge a couple of years ago. We each received a packet of beads and had to create something with an autumn theme using each kind of bead. The small doll on the back represents the inner child, hence "Fall's Frolic". I was honored to received an award of merit for the piece and have it on display at the Textile Center in MN. I used ultra suede for the base to do the bead embroidery and polymer clay for the faces....each comes out different depending on my mood at the time. I posted a close up of the face on the BJP blog. Bead Happy!


Welcome to the Wingedneedle's Nest!
Since this is my very first blog post....I figured it would be best to do it on my own.
This is Tugger! a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he'll be 2 years old on June 10th....pretty cute huh? just ask him, he'll tell you so! How Tug got his name: I have 3 scotties (which are camera shy and are tough with them!) I wasn't looking for another dog, I didn't need another dog, I'd have to be crazy to add another dog.....but then I saw him, he wasn't old enough for adoption. I spent almost 2 weeks trying to forget about him....he kept tugging at my heart, the rest well you see I added a 4th dog to the household! call me crazy!