Saturday, May 26, 2007


Welcome to the Wingedneedle's Nest!
Since this is my very first blog post....I figured it would be best to do it on my own.
This is Tugger! a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he'll be 2 years old on June 10th....pretty cute huh? just ask him, he'll tell you so! How Tug got his name: I have 3 scotties (which are camera shy and are tough with them!) I wasn't looking for another dog, I didn't need another dog, I'd have to be crazy to add another dog.....but then I saw him, he wasn't old enough for adoption. I spent almost 2 weeks trying to forget about him....he kept tugging at my heart, the rest well you see I added a 4th dog to the household! call me crazy!


Beadin' Gram said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggers, Cyn.
Look forward to seeing/hearing more from you in the year to come on BJP.

aka Beadin' Gram

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hi Cyn, good to see you have also made it to the world of blogs - I managed to set mine up last week, after months of just thinking about it - I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Time flies & here we are with July just over a month away!!!

freebird said...

I've got 3 dogs, 1 indoor cat and 2 goats. I could do without the goats but it is so, so hard to stick with just 3 dogs. I've got a shitzu, a poochihua, and the giant, a german shorthair pointer. The two little ones boss the big one around! My cat tolerates, barely, all of them. I am new to blogging too but it sure seems to be fun. My poochihua is a black dog too so his picture is hard to get. I will post their pictures on my blog if you are interested.