Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Introducing the newest member of our family, Gus. An adorable 9 week old mini wirehaired dachsund, that my dh, Scott surprised me with on Sunday. Oh I'd seen a picture of Gus 2 weeks ago, but I knew we didn't really need another pup even though I've wanted one for sometime. I had a wirehair when I was a kid, Luke and have always wanted another to share my life. But they aren't that easy to come by and there was a litter right there in Ocean Shores! On Sunday I was out on one of my long beach walks hunting sand dollars. When I got to the jetty there was Scott waiting for me, with Gus tucked inside his first thought was OH NO! you didn't, we don't need another pup....but then he handed Gus to me...that was heart was gone. Guess we really did need another pup.